how to piece together parts of mp3 songs

is there anyone out there that can explain how to do the following:
-import an mp3 file. call it mp3 #1
-copy parts of that mp3 that i like & put those parts onto a new track side by side. call the new track " masterpiece"
-import another mp3, call it mp3 #2.

  • take the best parts of that song & add to masterpiece track.
    -repeat for about 30 mp3’s.

no where on any of the forums or tutorials does it clearly explain how to do this most basic task.

please help me.

thank you,

how to do this most basic task.

You may be better off in a different editor. Audacity doesn’t actually edit MP3. It converts MP3s into its own super high quality internal sound format and then makes whole new sound files when you’re done. It’s the making new ones that causes problems.

MP3 gets its tiny, convenient sound files by causing hidden distortion. When you try to do production with MP3s, suddenly the distortion comes out of the woodwork. You can’t stop it. That’s how Audacity works.

You can not save the edit in MP3, but do you really want a mashup with 8 to 10 times larger sound files? Can your player even handle WAV files? Ever try to post a WAV on-line?

There are simple MP3 editors that don’t have this problem. They really do cut the original MP3 files and jam them together, pretty much what you want.

MP3CUT I think is one.


That is indeed a basic task. Which part are you having difficulty with?