How to permanently adjust the voice settings to narrative?

Ok, the title may sound very weird, but what im wondering on is if it’s possible to have these settings/preferences added automatically for every recording i do, as well as when i do live streams: YouTube

the voice seems to be somewhat cleaner and more…neat. I read that there are some scripts for audacity that allows me to do this, but yeah, that’s why im asking for help here to see if you people know something.

im using audacity 2.2.0 on win 7.

thanks in advance for the help!

It’s entirely possible to make a “Chain” which automatically applies all three of the AudioBook mastering filters in post production. You are cautioned that In Real Life, you also have to worry about background noise even if the other three corrections works. Further, you probably need louder corrections than the conservative ones ACX uses. But that’s just fine tuning.

I haven’t tried yet.

Audacity will not apply corrections, filters and effects in real time. So you’re surely out of luck on that one.


Audacity doesn’t do live real-time processing, but other free software can …