How to overdub existing track?

How can I overdub my existing vocal track keeping all the effects I have already put down? I have recorded a vocal track, added reverb and compression. There is one section of that track I would like to sing over but everytime I hit record it creates a brand new audio track. Help!

It’s supposed to create a new track - Audacity is a muti-track editor.

You can either merge the tracks together with Quickmix in Audacity 1.2 or with Mix&Render in 1.3.x - or on Export to WAV or whatever file format you choose Audacity will do the tracks meging anyway.

Just be careful with your recording levels as Audacity will effectively add the two tracks together - and while the constituent tracks may not be clipping, the reslting mixed and rendered track may clip.


hi Wax,

Thats great, thanks for the tip.