How to open multiple instances with 2.1.0

I upgraded from 2.0.2

With that version I can open a new instance and start recording
whilst other instances are busy saving as MP3 in the background.
(Work can be over an hour Long)

Just installed 2.1.0 and when I try opening another instance
(right-click on bar at bottom, click on “Audacity”), all that happens is
my current instance gets Focus!

How can I open multiple instances?

Technical data:
Windows 7 Starter (32bit?) on an ASUS Eee PC Flare Series.

Audacity 2.0.2 did not open multiple instances of itself either. Whenever you open a new window in any 2.x version, that new window is in the same audacity.exe process.

It’s not yet considered safe to run more than one instance of recent Audacity at a time. We intend to look into that at some future time.

The only difference with respect to 2.0.2 is that in 2.1.0 you can no longer open a new Audacity window by right-click over the Taskbar icon (or by executing any other Audacity shortcut). It was an oversight introduced when we were changing things to prevent cases where you could open multiple instances of audacity.exe. There is a bug report already open about it:

To open a new window, CTRL + N or File > Open… before exporting.

With a machine like that you could be greatly risking dropouts in the recording by exporting a file at the same time.

If you must do that, I recommend starting the recording in a new window, then switch to the other project windows to export from those.


Ctrl + N - Excellent, thank you!

I have been running multiple Windows in this fashion for many years over many versions.
I have very, very rarely had a problem, but it does happen on occasion.