How to open a .vst file?

I have a .vst file. Can I open it using Audacity? If so, how?

You don’t “open” a VST, you “install” it.

Note that Audacity is NOT a MIDI program and it doesn’t support VSTi virtual instruments.

And some VST effects don’t support Audacity. (It’s up to the plug-in developer, not the host developer.)

Normally a VST effect plug-in comes with an installer (usually an EXE file) that you run, and then Audacity finds it automatically.

Installing Plug-Ins

How do I install the .vst file then? I have absolutely no idea what to do, and have zero experience with VSTs.

You shouldn’t have just a “VST” file. It should come with an installer. And, VST plug-ins are normally DLL files.

What VST? Do you have a link?

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