How to one-click disable all VST plugins?

Ubuntu Studio installs a large number of audio plug-ins.

Most of these are of limited utility in Audacity.

I liked the way that Audacity 2 did not scan these plug-ins by default. You were allowed to add them selectively, but not forced to wade through hundreds of them. (No, I do not need a few dozen ambisonic plug-ins at the beginning of the effect menu.)

I am looking for an option in Audacity 3 to distinguish the Audacity plug-ins from non-Audacity ones, and disable all of the non-Audacity plug-ins relatively quickly. (E.g., I want “Adjustable fade”; I do not want 3-4 dozen Calf plugins in the flat-list Effect menu.)

I’d like developers to consider that automatically scanning all plug-ins in the system is not a happy behavior for every user. I didn’t consent to my Effect menu getting bombed and now I’m going to have to sit there and do hundreds of mouse clicks to get rid of the ones I didn’t want. Bad day, then.


Add your vote for this issue here: Add an option to disable plugin scanning at start up · Issue #4923 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

Thanks for the link – done.

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