How to: (Normalize) or "vertically center" an audio track.

This audio track doesn’t sound right and doesn’t look right visually, how do I correct this?

Image below:

Figured It out.

Click on Effects.
Click on Normalize.
Default Options work Great.
Click OK.

Everything lines up =)

You have some DC offset on that signal (possibly a faulty soundcard) - which is why one of the options in Normalize fixed it for you.


The repair isn’t free, either. The amount of offset (downward in this case) is subtracted from the capture loudness. You cut off the numbers on the left and right, so we can’t tell how bad it is, but if the piece on the right is typical of the show, you have a badly damaged sound card or capture device.

I have a USB microphone preamplifier/digitizer that does this. I had to stop using it.