How to mute backgroung noise ???

I have an recording with the AC running in the back,can I minimize the AC noise ?


can I minimize the AC noise

That’s a little too open-ended. What’s the show? Are you recording an audiobook? Podcast? Musical performance?

The tools affect everything. There is no just take out the air conditioning. The trick is to reduce the noise without affecting the show too much.

There are some accidents. One recent poster had air conditioning sound and the noise conveniently arranged itself in pitches and tones not occupied by her voice. She got very lucky.


It’s a conversation/meeting,but there’s a noise AC running.You can hear more AC noise than people’s voice.

Thank you

You can hear more AC noise than people’s voice.

That’s usually the kiss of death. Effect > Noise Reduction depends on a pre-conditioning profile step where you let it “sniff” a little pure air conditioning noise with no voices. If you can’t tell where the voices are, then you can’t do that step.

Post a little of the presentation. If it’s mono, one blue wave, you can post up to 20 seconds. Stereo, ten seconds. WAV or MP3. Scroll down from a forum text window > Attachments > Browse.

Sometimes we can identify the worst pump tones and take those out first.

Was the recorder in your pocket to make it hard to spot?