How to multi track with audio hijack and Skype


Not sure if this is the right place to ask but here goes :

I am not a techie at all so struggling to understand some basics. I want to record 2 tracks to edit in audacity with audio hijack, Skype and loopback. I’ve figured out how to use loopback to send audio to the Skype call but I can’t figure out how to record on 2 tracks. I want my mic and mac audio (sound files) on one track and the Skype call audio on the other. Any ideas ?

What’s the show? We need a show concept or idea before we can start throwing sound channels around.

Is this a Skype version of an older, non-virus production? Interview?

Audacity and Skype/Zoom tend to not get along in the same computer.


It sounds like your using the Rogue Amoeba programs Loopback and Audio Hijack. Perhaps you should ask for help about using these programs from Rogue Amoeba.

– Bill