How to move the editing cursor during playback?

Hi, in older version of Audacity, I was able to move the editing cursor during playback by using left and right arrow keys, but in the current version, this only moves the playback cursor. This suited me perfectly for my use (as a translator, it was handy to look for specific points in audio while listening). Is there any way of assigning this to the left/right arrows? Thanks in advance!

No, sorry this is one thing that changed in the 1.3 / 2.0 series.

Most people user CTRL + M to add a label at the current playback position. If you want to, you can also press [ while playing to move the editing cursor to the current playback position. ] draws a selection region during playback between the editing cursor and the current playback position. See .

You can change the [ and ] to LEFT or RIGHT in Keyboard Preferences but you will have to first clear both instances of LEFT or RIGHT.