How to move/land a track along the time line very precisely


Just wondering if there is a way I could move/drag my vocal track along a time line so that it matches the background music track very precisely? Any keyboard shortcut to fine-tuning that?

I did not record the vocal with the background music at the same time.

No matter how hard I tried to drag the mouse (left or right), I just cannot land the track on the exact mins and seconds.

Thanks for your help!

The easy but long winded way is to drag it so that it is “about right”, then zoom in closer and drag it a bit more precisely, and if necessary, zoom in even closer and drag it even more precisely.

An alternative way:

And do make sure you haven’t got “Snap To” turned on - look at the bottom left of the Audacity window - and see this in the Manual:


Thanks Steve and WC. Will try those suggestions. :slight_smile: