How to move a labled "song" within an project [SOLVED]

I’m new to Audacity so this problem may be a matter of not knowing Audacity syntax/names for the things I see before me when I look at the Audacity window.

I have have a fixed (labeled/edited) project in Audacity (2.1.2 - Win64 Pro). I have a labeled song I want to move from the middle towards the end, or the beginning it doesn’t matter. That is, I want to move song #4 (of 10 songs) and make it song #9 (of 10).

I can “cut” at the labels (song #4 & song #5) that define the song and “paste” wherever I want, no problem.

The problem is the song label doesn’t come along with the cut/past action. In fact both labels (song #4 title and song #5 title label) disappear. Using “Tracks/Sync-Lock Tracks” does keep the labels sync’d up but the loss of labels, for song #5 (now #4) and the “new” #9 song is troublesome.

The “Labeled Audio” options seem to cover only the deletion of a portion of the project.

I thought that I could effect this change when I “export multiple” by overriding the song numbers are the songs are exported. That’s less than ideal.

Thanks for any help.


If they are point labels that don’t show you a region when you click in them you will have to click in the label, drag a region between the labels, look for the yellow vertical lines to show you have snapped to the labels, then cut. Click in the audio track where you want to paste, hold SHIFT and press Down to extend the cursor into the label track, then paste.

If they are region labels, do the same, except after clicking in the label you can cut straight away.

If you need more help please attach an image of the project. Please see how to attach files to forum posts.


What’s the job? Are you making an audio CD? If so, it doesn’t matter what order the tracks are in when you export, you just need to put the tracks in the order that you want in the CD burning application. For most CD burning apps it’s just a matter of dragging the tracks up/down the list of tracks.

Thanks for the help Gale.

Based upon the documentation, all of my labels are point labels with the possible exception of the 1st label on the left.

Image1 shows the project. I want to move “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” to after “Poetry” and before “Trap Door”.

Image 2 shows the region I want to move with ‘Sync-Lock Tracks’ on.

Image 3 shows the region has been cut (using CTL X). The labels moved in lock-step but the “I Wish You Could Have Seen Her Dance” lable is gone.

I don’t understand your statement, “hold SHIFT and press Down to extend the cursor into the label track”. “[P]ress Down” what?

Image4 shows an error message I get when I try pasting (CTL V) to the spot I wish to move the song.

Image5 shows the results after I hit [OK] on the error message.

Thanks again, Gale.


If you are burning a CD, try what Steve suggested.

Yes you actually need Sync-Lock on when inserting, because there is a longstanding problem that even if you include the cursor in the label track, the labels to right do not move along when you paste or insert.

You could Edit > Preferences…, Interface section and enable “Retain labels if selection snaps to a label edge”. But then you will retain the label you cut too, and when you click in the waveform and paste, the final label and a copy of the label you are pasting at will paste, rather than the label you want to paste (bugs).

I think you will have to paste and sort out the label names manually after the paste. You can click in any label, drag-select its text, Edit > Copy or CTRL + C, click in the label you want to have that text, then Edit > Paste or CTRL + V.

It meant, DOWN arrow on your computer keyboard.

Probably because you clicked in the label track and not the audio track. You can’t paste audio into the label track.


It works. I can deal with the labels.

Thanks for your patience.


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