How to move a clip together with the corresponding label-region?


I’m having some troubles with moving clips:
a) to move a clip together with the correspondent region-label of that clip, without moving other labes
b) to move a clip to an absolut position at the timeline
c) a) and b) in combination
d) and if clip and (region) label are out of sync, is it possible to move/align a label to/at the beginning of its clip

I haven’t found some hints in the manual, so I try here in this forum.


“Split Cut” and “Paste”.
Ensure that both the audio track and the label track are selected.

“Cut” or “Split Cut” and “Paste”.
Set the paste position with the Selection Toolbar.

Easiest way is:

  1. Delete the label
  2. Double click on the audio clip to select it.
  3. “Ctrl+B” to create a new label.

See: Label Tracks - Audacity Manual

Well, it’s more keyboard than mouse moving. I have to get used to it and come back, when I checked it all.
Thanx for giving help, much appreciated. Ralf

I mostly use mouse, but when great accuracy is required, then using the keyboard and typing the exact numbers is often a lot quicker than doing lots of zooming.

Hi Steve,

I would love to use keyboard. I can change the values within the time box, but unfortunately it just has no effect to cursor position or selection. What do I miss??

Using V2.32 in portable mode on Windows 7.

Sorry, I wasn’t right!
No effect is to “audio position” - whereas “start and length of selection” is functionable.