How to move a clip forward by a specified time period?

I have used CoolEdit, Cubase and Sonar before so should figure out Audacity which seems much easier BUT am struggling with the simplest thing. I am trying to combine separate music clips (songs in .wav format) into one long music file, back to back, with some overlay between the end of one and the beginning of another (I’ll use cross fading for this). What I can’t figure out is how to move a simple clip forward! This is driving me crazy because it would seem easy peasy! If clip 1 is at 0 and clip 2 just got imported also at Time 0 on a separate track, I will obviously want to move Clip 2 forward to line up with the end of Clip 1 so I can later merge them into one stereo file. Whenever I try cutting a clip, putting the cursor at the point where I want it to paste (say 3 mns later) and then hit paste, it just pastes back at point 0, not 3 mns later where the cursor is (which is how that would be done in almost any other editing program I have used before like Sonar, or Cubase, etc etc). Same if I want to paste the clip at track 2 INTO track 1 at a specified form, it refuses to paste into the track I specify and at the point I specify (say, 3 mns in and not at point 0). What am I doing wrong and how must I do it right? I think if I can figure out this basic trick I can figure out the rest of the program on my own… I thought I was doing what the manual said too… any friendly advice?

Leave each imported item in its own track and use the Timeshift tool (double-ended black arrow) to drag each item into position. Use the Fit Project button to zoom out after moving each item.

In any case, Audacity should paste at the cursor position in the selected track.


Okay, Gale, thanks a lot, I finally did figure out the use of the Timeshift Tool. It has proven very useful.