How to make yourself a fast talker?

I’m just wondering, is there a way to make you sound like a fast talker?

When I used the trial person of Adobe Audition 3.0, it had a plugin/extension that made you sound like a fast talker so I’m wondering if it’s possible to do in Audacity?

When I change the speed, it changes my voice and I sound like a little hamster talking or something.

I think you want Effect>Change Tempo.
For my voice it works nicely with parameter less than 100%, with higher it looses some sylabels completely.

It doesn’t sound right when I do that… Sounds weird.

This “speeding up” effect works by cutting out parts of the audio, and cross fading the parts that remain. There are many things that affect the quality of this effect, but the main thing is how much change you are trying to make. Small changes in tempo only cut out small bits of data, and so the result sounds very good. Large changes cut out much more and the quality of the resulting sound obviously deteriorates.

There are many variations of this effect, some cut out small pieces often, while others cut out larger pieces less often. Some will cross fade just a little, while others will cross fade a lot. Some algorithms will work better with some kinds of audio, while different algorithms will work better with other types of source material.

For speech, the highest quality for large speed increases can be achieved by manually cutting out bits of audio, but this is obviously very time consuming (though there are techniques that can semi-automate the process). Do you need this effect for a particular purpose, or is it just for fun?

Fun and for a purpose.

I want to see how it will work for a video idea I have.

Aha, that explains. I never thought much about it (and did not use it before) but I supposed it is more sofisticated.
Is there a different “Change Tempo” effect aviable? - that would be based on 1. periodicity detection and cut out or
2. vocoder like encoding or 3. other suitable encoding?
Once I had MP3 problem where the frames were missplaced in the time. Looked like it is capable of changing the tempo
(However it inserted silences instead of doubling the frames so it heard rather weird.)

O would try Change Pitch (is that more sophisticated?) plus Change Speed compination, but I am low mem currently.


If you play around with “Effects > Truncate Silence”, you can get it to cut out all the gaps between words, making you a very fast talker, but the remaining audio is virtually untouched. You will need to mess around with the settings to find the right combination, but it does work. (You need to start with a decent recording with low background noise and a high signal level).

I think there are a lot of programs which can help you in “making yourself a fast talker?”.
Maybe you should try to find them by Google.