How to make volume even all throughout track?

All I want to do is adjust the volume on all of my audio tracks to -23dB and -18dB. This is the specific volume range I need it In. What I’m doing now is guessing the volume using compression or amplify for each and every tiny section because it will never be exactly within the specific volume range.

Any ideas?

I’m sure I’ve come across similar requests. Is this the requirement for a specific e-book publisher or something?
The numbers alone are not enough unless we also know if that refers to the RMS level, Peak level, or something else.

Ah yes, Is this it? “ QC standard”
We are still not sure exactly what they mean in their specification, but perhaps there will be some useful suggestions in this topic: QC standards

You might try [u]The Levelator[/u] (FREE). I’m not sure what RMS/average levels it targets, but it is designed to even-out & compress announcer/voiceover recordings in preparation for air-play.

[u]GoldWave[/u] ($50 USD after free trial) also has some tools such as Auto Gain (an automatic volume control or slow-compressor) and Match Volume which allows you to to target whatever average/RMS volume you want.

We warn people that the instant you start messing with compressors and volume enhancements, the background noise is going to come up. If you were just skating past acceptability because of “TV Next Door” noises, they will be a lot louder after processing.

I wonder if this isn’t their way to automatically weed out all the submissions that are just so far off as to be unusable. An older posting had his submission rejected for peaks over -3 and he had a lower than acceptable “RMS” range – I’m betting loudness. I wonder what happened to that posting? I advocated Chris’s Compressor to level out the volume variations and then Amplify to bring the peaks to the right level.

“Your submission has been rejected because of:”

[] High Distortion.
[X] Peak sounds higher than -3.
] High Hiss or Noise.
[X] Low RMS or Volume.
[] Stuttering or Gaps in the Show.
] Expressive Silence longer than 5 Seconds.
[_] Missing Audio

If it makes it past the automated gatekeeper, then a real human kicks in and tests for things like language, presentation and echoes. Stuff difficult to automate.