How to make track labels always move when inserting time intervals of silence

I am using Audacity in Windows 7. Recently I have been adding track labels, fading out and in, and other related tasks. I also need to add intervals of silence in a few places, but am getting inconsistent results from this. Sometimes the track labels move according to the duration of silence I have added, but at other times, the labels just stay where they were, which means they are no longer in the correct place to mark the start of a new track etc. Is there a way to ensure the track labels always shift along by the same time interval duration being inserted? I have tried a few things, but nothing works every time. Am I missing something simple perhaps?

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I don’t know if this will help: an issue I’ve found when deleting sections of audio is that the label track only shifts accordingly if both/all tracks are selected.

It’s very easy to select just in the audio tracks but then only they are affected. You need to select the label track too, eg by dragging the mouse over it.

eta: Select > Tracks > In all tracks (Ctrl-Shift-K) will ensure current selection covers all tracks.

Try enabling Sync-Locked Track Groups. See:

Many thanks for your replies, SecretCode and Steve. From your suggestions SecretCode, I played around a bit, and learned how to do this as required. As you outlined, when selecting a segment of audio that has silence in preparation for copying and pasting to my required locations, the track labels do indeed also move along as a result of the pasting, provided the selected segment is highlighted both in the waveform rectangular area, as well as - at the same time - in the labels rectangular area below the waveform area, before copying. In addition to your recommendation to drag the mouse over the label area, I found that judicious use of intuitive keyboard shortcuts, will also ensure that both areas get highlighted for the copy, and this always results in the paste to elsewhere, working just as needed.

I really like this Audacity app - it’s so practical! And your help with this is much appreciated, Steve and SecretCode. This is a really great forum, one of the best I have come across for any app.

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