how to make the sound "normal"

Hello, in some of my recordings the sound doesn´t have the right speed (too fast or too slow). How to make the sound normal? Is there any function in Audacity that solves this problem? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Are you trying to record at a sample rate that your soundcard doesn’t support?

Everyone should be able to record at 44.1KHz, is that what you’re using?

Addiding a bit to alatham’s quote.

If the recording(i mean narration) is done with the following sample rate I beleive you can expect a good output.
44,100 Khz, 16 bit,Mono(or Stereo)

Thanks for your tips. The “sound problem” is all about the sound outputs from Avidemux which encodes some sounds differently. I will try your tips and then I write here about it.

Whoah, stop the presses.

Ignore anything we said about 44.1KHz. Digital Video is almost always run at 48000 Hz. Set Audacity to record at that sample rate and hopefully your problems will disappear.

We would have answered this straight away if you had mentioned you were working with video files. Next time please give us more specific information so we can help more efficiently.