How to make speech sound like it would in the womb

In other words, I’d like to know if there is a way to preserve the melody, pitch, intonation, vowels, and rythm of speech, but get rid of consonant sounds as much as possible.

My mac version is 10.5.8
Audacity: 2.0.3 .dmg

Thank you for your help!

I would probably apply Effect > Low Pass Filter with 12dB and 750Hz. Experiment with those two numbers until you get something you like.


As we don’t actually know what speech would sound like from inside a womb, we need to create what we imagine it would sound like.
I’d imagine it to sound muffled and a bit echoey, so perhaps the low pass filter as Koz suggested plus a touch of Echo effect (Effect menu).

Stupid question, but are we talking about a fetus?
Shouldn’t it then sound like under water?
Sorry if I’m on the wrong track.

Koz/Steve: Thank you so much, I will try both of those suggesstions!

Robert: As to your question, (no it is not stupid) I know what you mean; I think the echo effect might do well in reflecting the “under water” sound you mentioned. We shall see.

From what I know, they have done studies where they have placed a microphone in the womb. It’s about as close as we can get to “hearing” what the fetus “hears.” This seven minute video gives an idea of what they hear if you’re interested: : Higher sounds are muffled by layers of skin and fat, bass notes of music are much easier to hear; vowels, which are lower in pitch, are easier to hear, so infants hear melody as opposed to the percussion sounds of consonants, etc.

Anyhow, thank you again for your comments! :smiley: