How to make "sliding" parameters, in all effects?

I am currently trying to make some digital sounding sound effects, and one very helpfull tool is having various effects slowly come in, or go away, wich can give a very cool sounding effect.
Audacity obivously already has support for pitch, tempo, and speed, via the “Sliding time scale/pitch tool”
But is it in any way possible to have this “slide” for any value in the any effect, either via a plugin or an in-built feature?

Edit > Duplicate the track you want to apply the sliding effect to.

Solo one of the tracks, apply the effect to it normally so it sounds right.

Unsolo that track, then move the -…+ gain sliders on each track leftwards to reduce the combined volume of the tracks.

Fade In or Fade Out in the track you applied the effect to, or use Envelope Tool for more flexible volume slides.

While playing, further adjust the gain sliders on both tracks to adjust the amount of each track that you hear. If necessary, you can also use Envelope Tool on the track you did not apply the effect to.