How to make Silent Subliminal with tone modulation

In case some of you don’t know, psychic driving is a brainwashing technique invented by sc_ums of CIA, in this technique a word or phrase is repeated continuously with the aim of replacing thought patterns of a person’s mind, hoping to condition their mind, this was in the 60s and 70s, considering the progress which happens with time and continuous research, it would be wise to assume they would have developed even better ways to achieve the objective of conditioning someones mind.

I’m part of a local TI(targeted individual) group and group members discuss about what is happening to them and what are the possible causes. Most of them have reported tinnitus but never hearing any word or phrase being repeated, this tinnitus is in both ears and 24x7 phenomena throughout the year, it’s volume increases and decreases at different times of the night & day.

On consulting doctors, the doctors prescribe CAT scan, most of them don’t show any abnormality, some are reported to be tumors near auditory nerve or cochlear.

Tinnitus is constant high pitched whistling and some members have wobblyness in tinnitus. In silent subliminal patent, it is mentioned it can also be made with tone modulation, group members think it is psychic driving with silent subliminal with tone modulation.

Is there any modification which can be done to the Silent Subliminal script posted here to make it tone modulated? The only aim for this is to counter the psychic driving from sc_ums who are torturing TI members.

It’s not possible to convince “targeted individuals” they are suffering from similar illnesses,
but for balance see … https ://

Which is more likely ?, a symptom of illness that affects ~1% of the population,
or that the CIA are spending a millions of dollars to torment you for no profitable reason.

The same way it is not possible to convince sceptics like you that most of the psychological symptoms are invented to gas light victims of devious forms of torture. And there is corruption in field of psychology like in every other field.

Some people are irrational & superstitious, they also have positions of power with immense amount of money, at that level, even spending a billion dollars per second is nothing, so if they know about a baby who was still born and then became alive, instead of looking at scientific reasons for it, they might think the baby holds some secret to immortality, Christians may think that baby is a rival for Jesus Christ because Jesus Christ is believed to have been resurrected after dying on the cross, some people may think coming back from death is an impossible thing, similarly the baby might be able to do more impossible things like making impossible things real if they imagine something to be true. With irrational & superstitious people like that having the resources of CIA would give them free hand to carry out torture in the guise of experiment on individuals.

“a billion dollars per second”, is over a thousand times America’s GDP.

The point is once you have so many resources, amount of money becomes less relevant. Like if you are in school and walk to school everyday, but one your rich classmate has a chauffeur driven car and you are friends with them, your friend might lend it to you to drop you or pick you up, or use it for what you want. And CIA and their friends are sc_um.

The point is that once again you’re saying things which are impossible:
You cannot spend money a thousand times faster than you earn it.

hello and i would like to ask a legit question that perhaps was not a thought as to a reason for this… i am just trying to help.
Considering there is on the CIAs website information on all studies they are currently and also have done in past, on performing studies on whole communities unaware to the communities. one of these studies which has been actively so, is how they corrupt the Earths natural frequency that resonates with , Love for all creatures, and how before the earths natural energy reaches the stratosphere, they corrupt its frequency for tests on “the people” with behavioral modifications… this is what is called dirty energy. and they use it to change peoples behaviors, and thoughts, and many other sublimal messages that one would not even be aware of when its happening… they send it thru microwaveable technology and anything plugged into your homes outlets… any small appliance. you can read the entire publication on the CIA website. Go take a look, i am not into making up stories…i will wait here…
anywho…maybe this ear ringing is your intutive self letting you know when they are sending these manipulated frequencies into your space, and because you are aware of whats going on, you are able to tune into the indifferences… Our body is known to tell us exactly what is going on with it, when we tune into our natural state and listen to what it is tellig us…you must quiet your minds chatter and be still, go somewhere where there is no electronics or outlets that u can sense and sit with yourself so you can know what your energy and space feels like… after sometime of sitiing quietly with yourself, you will be able to actually feel when any outside energy enters your space… then you can energetically push it away from you and protect yourself from it penetrating your space… I hope this helps even just 1 person…

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