how to make one side of a record stereo


I’ve tried to look, but as I quite not sure how to call what I would like to do, I didn’t find it. I record a sound with a GOPRO4 Mic stereo plugin and one side is really noisy, make a bad sound that cover the interview with the person. If I open the file in audacity in choose to have only the right side playing, the sound is good. I would like to know if from here I can save it or make something to the right side that play in stereo?

I have Audacity 2.1.2 with ubuntu 17.10

Thanks a lot

Split stereo to mono” then delete [x] the unwanted (noisy) track.

If you want to add a fake 3D pseudo-stereo effect, (optional), see …

thanks a lot! the 3d effect was what missing!