How to make “internal editing” in a movie audio track?

I’ve just read an old blog post about “internal editing”, a special kind of audio post processing of recorded interviews.

It basically consists of removing the unnecessary interjections, like the “ums” and “ehs” that we normally say while speaking. It improves the rhythm of conversations, and make your interviewee look more intelligent.

If you just have audio, it is simple. You crop out the interjections. But if you have an interview recorded in somewhere with background noise, if you delete the interjections, there will be an weird silence. Deleting it, would unsync the audio and image.

Would someone give me some tips to remove just the voice Audacity? A step by step guide would be great.

If it was me, I would Tracks > Add New > Mono Track or Stereo Track and record suitable low level noise into the new track, or copy some background from the existing track, paste it into the new track and Effect > Repeat… the paste until it was the length of the entire work. The background will then get mixed in to the work. Mono will by default get mixed equally into both channels of a stereo project.

Then you can Edit > Remove Special > Silence Audio the interjections, which will replace them with silence of the same length.

I am not an audio engineer, so others may suggest differently.