How to Make Audio Sound the same

I have these two audio files and I am trying to get the effect Accent 1 to sound almost the same as the Aelita Tower Up Sample but I cant get the pitch to sound the same does anyone have suggestions to how to do that.

I don’t think that’s possible.
If you look at the track spectrogram, you will see that each sound has many bright horizontal lines. Those lines show the frequencies within the sound. Note that the lines are spaced differently in each sound. Even if you get one of the lines in the first track at the same frequency as a bright line in the second track, there will still be many other bright lines in the two tracks that do not correlate.

So I am a beginner at audacity and are you saying the no way to make the sounds at least similar then the same in tone that’s all since the audio was just taken from the show I just wanted to replicate it.

If you apply “Plot Spectrum” ( to the two sounds, you will see that “Aelita Tower Up Sample.mp3” has a lot of energy below 400 Hz, whereas, if we ignore sub-sonic rumble, the “Accent 1.mp3” sound has almost nothing. This is not just a matter of changing the pitch - to make them sound the same we would need to synthesize those missing tones (or copy them from the “Aelita Tower Up Sample.mp3” sound).

Maybe you’re changing the wrong thing. Try Effect > Change Speed at -14%.

They’re much more similar, but Accent 1 now lasts 14% longer.