How to make (aliased?) project files independent from the source?

I wonder how I can make some files like a guitar riff or vocals not independent anymore from the source file. I’m not always sure at forehand if I use these files or not. So I don’t archive them yet but put them at the desktop page. But like you know the audacity project gives problems then when you move the file afterwards. Can this be avoided (like by a step in between, copying this first in a new project or something…) ? In my native language they call it ‘aliased files’, I don’t know if this is correct in English.


Once you import your files in an Aucadity project, save the project wherever you want. That way you will be sure that it doesn’t matter what you do with your source files, it won’t affect your project.
However I would believe that independence is achieved right since the importation. Reading your post made doubt about it.
If you want to do the opposite, binding your source to your project, I think that is impossible.


I solved it by taking the vocals and guitar out, exporting it into a wav-file (smaller than source) archiving them and putting them back into the project. Then the question came if I wanted to stop the independency: it takes more mb’s but you can get rid of these archived files which are not the original source files…

I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION: I am changing laptop and moving Audacity-files. Does this mean I will have huge dependency problems with my old projects or is it possible to recreate the exact adresses on the new laptop (C:\user… etc)? Anyone with this experience?

I’m not sure, but seems that sometimes you mistake the word dependency and independence with each other. Or maybe I’m mistaking when reading your answer:

“the question came if I wanted to stop the independency”

However, the best thing you can do is using the next logic:

When importing into Audacity, new sound tracks are created “inside” the program.
You save the project wherever you want.
You don’t need to think about the imported files anymore.
You can move the project file to another folder and open it from there.

At least that’s what I think it should be like.

Hi Ivalogic,

You’re right, I misused independency 2x, sorry.

Basically what you’re saying is that dependency in the project doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s because I still use an old version (2.1.2) and you the most recent? I am changing laptops when my old disk is full… that will be pretty soon…

I see. In older versions you had the possibility of setting if you wanted either, the importation of sound by permanently reading from the source files, or creating an independent project. Since version 3 it is always like the second option. In older versions you should be able to find where to switch that option that I’m talking about; I don’t remember where is it located.

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