How to make a part of audio stress and imply the emotion

I’m very new to audacity. So I’m seeking your help. I want to make sound with texts of my own, like in a text-to-speech software. I tried AT&T natural voices TTS demo for the text “Hey you! Come here.” I got the clip. The voice is good. But there is no stress in the clip on the words “Hey you!” like one would say in real life. I’m really having a tough time to make you guys understand what I’m exactly trying to say. In real life we would scream and emphasize on those words, sometimes only on “you” or sometimes on both “Hey you!”. So what I’m asking is how to make it possible in audacity? How to stress a particular part of an audio? Suppose on my attached clip, how to stress on “come” as we do in real life?

I suppose you could try Effect > Pitch Change, Effect > Amplify, and Effect > Compressor, but we don’t hold a lot of hope. The human ear is tuned to very delicate variations of the human voice and our record is: You can’t turn a plain voice into an announcer, you can’t turn a man into a woman and you can’t turn anybody into an actor.