how to make a noise sound like it over or behind a recording

I would like to no how can a make a noise like a synth lead sound like its over the recording to give an ambient feel also make a sound like a drum roll sound like it behind the instrumental

I’m not sure I understand…

Are you talking about making one instrument sound like it’s the lead instrument, and the other instruments are in the musical background?

Usually, that’s done by simply making the lead instrument louder.

This has to be done before the tracks are mixed. If you’ve ripped a CD, or downloaded an MP3, you can’t “un-mix” the sounds. Except, there is a “trick” to remove the center-channel vocals (along with everything else in the center) and of course, you can adjust the left & right channels separately.

BTW - “Noise” is unwanted sound. It could be background hiss or hum in your recording, or the neighbor’s dog barking when you’re trying to record yourself singing. Unless you are trying to record your neighbor’s barking dog, then it’s not noise. :wink: