How to literally flip audio?

Audacity 2.0.5 / Win 8.1

How do I “flip” an audio track? I mean literally flipping each channel while at the same time not swapping the L/R channels. Reason I ask is that there is a mistake on the actual retail copy of an album, but the digital download has it corrected. Only problem is that the digital download introduces a different mistake in that the audio is literally flipped. Here are images to show what I am referring to:

Retail Version:

Digital Download:

So yeah, I want to flip the digital download version back to the way the retail is… but not swap the L/R channels.

Import the track and Effect > Invert.

Export as needed. If the original is in WAV format like from a Music CD, there should be little or no effect on the show other than flipping the up and down blue waves.

I hope you’re not going to tell us you can hear that and it’s destroying your enjoyment of the music… What you’re much more likely to hear is the on-line version compression artifacts.

You should change two settings:

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Quality: 44100, 16-bit. Conversion: None. Since you know exactly what the two formats are and you’re not doing any actual editing, you don’t need the conversion tools.


Thanks, I did end up finding the invert feature. I swore that I look at the effects menu up and down several times and didn’t see anything of the sort. Then off of a sudden bam, there it was, Lol.

The digital download was FLAC format, and no, it did not ruin any enjoyment. Nor could I hear any difference at all. I’m just a bit anal about those sorts of things if/when I notice them.

Thanks! :slight_smile: