how to lessen fullness of vocals on a file?

hi, im a newby.
i am trying to lessen the fullness/closeness sounding of a vocals to these songs:

to sound more of a crystalized/clearer sounding to these ones: (especially to how this one sounds)

all from the same artist(obviously). now… im not really sure if i make sense, to be quite honest. but maybe the other the last three links have clearer sounding vocals and sounds less muffled?(if im not wrong). i know it will be hard considering they we’re recorded differently and that are already mixed down, but is there a way to at least make it sound as close as possible? some might say using an equalizer? if so, would someone show/guide me how to exactly do it? any plugins or techniques for this?

im just soo annoyed because while artists new recordings sounds fine and good to most. but for me, im just soo used to how she used to sound before. so if anyone can help, i will definitely appreciate it as this has been bothering me for years.

thanks for any input!!

Sorry, I don’t think that you can do anything about that.
The difference is due to “modern production values”. There is a “fashion” for adding loads of compression and reverb effects onto vocals and this has been done on those more recent recordings. It’s like adding milk and sugar to coffee - if you put too much in you can’t take it out again.

In addition to not being able to remove echo (reverb), you can’t split the voice from the rest of the performance, either. And even if you could, you couldn’t make a new MP3 out of it for your personal music player. The increase in bubbly compression damage would kill you.

Downloaded songs are one way. You listen. Full Stop.


You can reduce the stereo width : make it closer to mono(phonic) …

[ the jargon is “stereo image” … ]

wow that helps loads! pls tell me how to do this! thank you everyone!!

thanks for the help!
i actually don’t mind the reverb. it’s just i prefer listening to vocals that sounds like it’s in front of you instead of the “in your head” sound. i tried equalizing, but those is too broad for me… i dont have a clue how to achieve what i was going for. im not expecting anything crazy difference, but a difference would be greatly appreciated.

thanks for the tip, about making it into mono more… can you pls help explain how you did it? thank you soo much!

Make a duplicate copy of the original stereo tracks, do this by selecting all of the track and press “Ctrl”+“d” keys.
Turn the gain of original track down to about -6dB , turn the duplicate track gain down to about -12dB.
Then split the duplicate stereo track into two mono tracks, (see “Split Stereo to Mono” on the drop down menu shown below)

By adjusting the gain levels of the original stereo and duplicate mono tracks you can control how wide/narrow you want the sound to be, (the two mono tracks should typically be at the same level, but not necessarily).

yup ive been trying this all night… thanks! this has been helping tremendously! if anyone have any other ideas to throw, pls share! :smiley:

There are VST effects (some free) which can alter stereo width of a track …

however in Audacity VST effects don’t work in real time :frowning: .

The method I showed above can be adjusted in real time : you can immediately hear the consequence of changing the gain settings as the tracks are playing. :slight_smile:

awesome thank you soo much! :smiley: