how to lengthen a truncated word

Audacity 2.0.5, OS 10.9.3, Mac Pro 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

Fairly new to sound editing. I’m doing some voice recordings and occasionally find that I clip my diction when speaking; I’m wondering if there’s an Effect that will allow me to lengthen a word a bit.

For example, I speaking fast in the audio and say the word “and” way too fast. Is there a way to take the beginning “aaaa” part of the word and stretch that out a bit?

I may need a bit of details on any explanation.

Many thanks for the help.

Zoom into the word using the Zoom tools.

Drag-select some tiny portion of the word and copy it. Plain old Command-C. Then pick some point in the middle of that phrase and paste it. Plain old Command-V.

Play it and see how it went.

Then, when you find out how hard that is, work on your real-time diction so you won’t need that patch any more.


thanks, Koz. I wondered it it may be just a copy/past deal at the very fine level. Thanks for this, and for the link to the manual.

There are also provisions to make sure the start and stop points on each blue wave match. This helps suppress little clicks and pops at the paste points.

Picture: Bad Edit and Good Edit.

This is me looking for that posting. Koz

See if it’s buried in here:

If you’re in stereo, chances of hitting good points on both tracks is almost zero. With a single voice it should be easier.


really appreciate this level of detail. Many thanks.

What you want to try before the copy and the paste is Edit > Find Zero Crossings (or press Z on your keyboard).

Preventing Cut/Copy and Paste clicks is mentioned in this FAQ: Why do I hear clicks when I remove or paste audio, or at the start or end of the track? .

Effect > Repeat… might work if you zoom in and drag a really short selection.


or “Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift” (changing only the Tempo to a negative amount). Stretching more than -50% will almost certainly sound weird but a subtle change of say -20 % will probably sound reasonable.

Alternatively you may be able to find the same word spoken better somewhere else in the recording which you can copy and paste to replace the short version (the entire word rather than just part of it).

I find that often produces a click at the end of the processed selection though, requiring a deletion of the click or crossfade. That’s true even if the selection was on zero crossings.


I tried it a couple of times and there was no click, though I agree that there could be.
It may be possible to remove the click using the “Repair” effect.

The way that I would prefer to approach the task would be to replace the entire word (copy and paste from another part of the recording). I would treat “stretching a vowel” as an “if all else fails” option.