How to label songs update? Wont save to Windows Media

Is there an update to labeling the songs. Followed directions, but the songs were on the wrong labels, all but one had a red x next to it,
would only play one song, it would not save to Widows Media Player, so saved it to file D: removable, was only able to retreive it under unsaved files, not sure if it is burned or not.

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I’m not sure what you are asking - are you having difficulty making an audio CD? If so, perhaps this tutorial will help:

I had this working previously on XP, it wont save to Windows Media Player, but will to file D, the song titles came up in the right column with red x es on the left to them.

There is an issue with Windows Media Player 11 and perhaps later versions. In these versions you cannot drag files straight into a Media Player burn list without having previously played the files in Media Player. You will see a red symbol and a “length of file cannot be determined” error.

If this is the problem you mean, export your WAV files to “D:”, then drag the WAV from there into the Media Player Library or into a playlist (not straight into the burn list). Then drag the files from the Library or playlist into the burn list.

If this is not the problem can you try and describe the issue in more detail and all the steps leading up to that.


Moved on to Deepburner, Microsoft said their burners do not support all media (different players)