How to kill your project, bug?

I just killed my project like this:
Full PC crash, reboot

-Reboot and opened the aup file
-Recover window opened on my second monitor too
-I clicked recover
-It created another stereo track inside the already opened file. WTF, i closed it do not save,
-Reopened the aup and now i have two silent stereo tracks and an orphaned block warning.

It seems all files are broken, what the …
Also checked /var/tmp/audacity-marco/ no files there

It seems that the recover “recovered” empty files and has replaced my good files with just empty files because all the *.au files are empty…silent tracks.

Which version of Audacity?
Flatpak, Snap, built from source or regular install?

Which Linux distro and version?
Wayland or xorg?

Is the problem repeatable? If so, how?