How to isolate bassline?

Hi all! I am a new Audacity user AND forum member (and Whovian) who would like to ask this one question: How do you/what is the best way to isolate a song’s bassline? For reference, I am trying to isolate Murray Gold’s 2014 Doctor Who theme.

Arrow Productions.

Try a low pass filer. Effect → Classic Filters → Low Pass.

Maybe try 200Hz and/or you can experiment from there.

To see the Dr Who bassline on the Audacity spectrogram you’ll have to increase the spectrogram resolution,
(a/k/a window-size), from the default-setting to 16384 …

Rendering the more detailed spectrogram will take longer than on the default setting.

DVDoug, thanks for the help! The method has worked nicely! At times, there is a little bit of background noise (from the main melody), however, it does seem to work!

Arrow Productions