How to install VoxReducer in Mac

Dear friends :
I am new in Audacity , and I found that there is a Vocal Removal Plug-in named VoxReducer, and I want to try it. I downloaded it , and I got a file named : voxReducer1_2full.
When I try to install it, I get an error message : "The Installer could not install because there was no software found to install "
May you , please , give me some directions about the installation , to use VoxReducer in Audacity ?
Many Thanks in advance

VoxReducer is not our software. For VoxReducer support you need to use their support channel.

From a quick Google search, VoxReducer appears to be much the same as Audacity’s “Vocal Remover” effect (
You could also try the “Vocal Reduction and Isolation” effect: Vocal Reduction and Isolation - Audacity Manual