how to install Clone Ensemble in Audacity?

I downloaded Clone Ensemble, the program that allows you to make one voice sound like a chorus. Since it’s a VST plug-in I should be able to see in on my Audacity screen after I enable plug-ins by clicking on ‘rescan for plugins’ in the Edit Preferences menu. But Clone ensemble is not there. Does anyone know how to make this work? Or does anyone know any other/better ways to turn a single voice into a chorus?

You need to extract the CloneEnsembleV42.dll file from the downloaded ZIP package and put it into Audacity’s plug-ins folder (the Plug-Ins folder will be inside the folder where Audacity is installed. Then rescan VST effects.

cloneensemble have a neat tracker called AlienSolo …

Now the bad news : that VST plug-in keeps crashing Audacity about every 5th use :frowning: