How To insert (paste) a clip at a specified moment?

The words “insert” and “paste” are not in the Index or Glossary.

I have been able to Paste a selection onto the END of a file, but I cannot paste it into the middle of a file.

I have selected a moment in time (ie there is a vertical line where I want to insert this new section) but the PASTE function is greyed out.
I do not want to delete an existing block of time and “replace” with new material of the same timespan.

ie I have selected point in time = 10.00 and the time of the whole file is 11.00
The clip is 4 seconds long, so the new time will be 11.04.
The new clip will be located between 10.00 and 10.04.

EDIT: OK, the problem is that the receiving file was PAUSED instead of STOPPED. The app should give you an error message for things like this.

The Index is incomplete. I added a note to make that clear. It was started when we had more people helping with the Manual than we do now.

If I were you I would bookmark this page and use that to search. Replace “paste” with what you want to search for.

The Glossary is for technical terms about digital audio. “Insert” and “Paste” are not such.

Ideally something should be done however the Manual says in numerous places that you cannot edit while paused.

If you have a problem it is often useful to look at the FAQ.


Actually imo - it would be much better if the user tried to use an edit command while paused then the edit should still take place. A LOT of people fall into that bear trap (including me still occasionally). :wink:

Steve and I discussed this with Leland at AU14 (Audacity’s Unconference) last year - there is a proposal in the Wiki for this: