How to insert multiple recordings to a track ?

Windows 8.1

Hi there
I would like to insert my voice to a sound.
But I would like to insert it as a translation;
I would like to insert my recording right after I click the pause button, then continue playing.
For example if my original track would contain the sounds : How are you ? Are you all right ? — I would like my final track to be, " How are you ? I’m fine. Are you all right ? Yes, I’m all right. " Where I’m fine and I’m all right with be my own voice. Is this possible in Audacity?
I want to do this to a long track ( maybe hours ).

Thank you very much.

I want to do this to a long track ( maybe hours ).

I would not do that. One mistake could wipe out days of work. Divide the work into maybe half-hour or smaller segments and individually edit each one. You can combine them into one piece in post production – if you want to do that. Nobody wants an hours-long deliverable or lesson and an Audio CD will only hold 78 minutes. There’s a reason school classes are as short as they are.

Audacity will not do Insert Editing (if you’re familiar with video editors). I’m not sure how I would do that with the available tools. It’s almost a certainty that you would be putting your live voice on a second track underneath the main track, positioning it and then cutting a hole in the main track to reveal your voice. When you export the show, Audacity will smash them together into one track.

But I have to look at the tools.