How To Improve Sound Quality?

I use Audacity for recording and editing sermons for our church. Often times I find that preachers will speak very loudly, then so softly that they are not audible. I will amplify those areas, but then get a hum. After cleaning out the hum with Noise Reduction the voice will sound as though the speaker is speaking into a tin can or is under water. Is there any way to fix that and to provide the same sound quality as the rest of the recording? Thank you so much for any help you might be able to offer.

I will amplify those areas, but then get a hum.

I would go to a lot of effort to find the hum. Fixing damage like this in post production is not for the easily frightened.

Post about ten seconds of the low voice and don’t do anything to it. No noise reduction and no other filters or volume correction. There’s a possibility we can make a special filter for that specific hum and not damage the rest of the voice too badly.

Ignore the 3 or 4 seconds instruction.


Thank you for responding. Attached is a low volume sample. Please keep in mind that the normal to high volume of most of the recording not included are several db higher. Because there is so much of it that is very high volume, I select all and reduce the level by 2-3 db. There is already an audible hum. After amplifying (by up to 5db) these low volume areas, the hum is very evident. I will take a sample of the hum during in an area where there is nothing spoken via Noise Reduction and then select all and clean out the hum. The low volume areas then sound tinny or under water.

Thank you so much for your help.

I’m impressed that there is no reverb on this audio. Sounds clean (except the noise). Are you taking it directly off the pastor’s headset mic or something?

To me, it sounds as though you’re recording the initial audio at a really low level. A lot of that noise sounds like a weak preamp (which is where a lot of public address recording problems start). Could you give an idea of how the audio is making it to the recording device?

I also record my church’s audio, by the way. I take the audio straight off the mixing console through an XLR out into a Zoom H6. It’s idiot proof and the audio is clean as a whistle.