How to Import Mulitple Vox Files


We are running Audacity 2.0.6 on Windows Server 2012.

What we do on a daily basis is convert files from Vox to Wav formats.
This is fine when it is just a couple of files, but we are now getting hundreds of files and need to find a way to import multiple Vox files instead of importing each vox file individually. Once we have all the files in Audacity, the “export multiple” works fine it is the import process that is inefficiently brutal for us right now.

Any thoughts on how to do this? I have not found anything that would work in this forum or anywhere online. The closest solution dealt with modifying some Sox file but I couldn’t find what it was referring to.

The settings are the same on each Vox file and we do the following:

Click File–> Import → Raw Data … At this step we select the file and place the following options in the following fields:

Encoding: VOX ADPCM
Byte order: Default endianness
Channels: 1 Channel (Mono)
Start offset: 0
Amount to import: 100
Sample rate: 8000

Then we click Import and repeat the above steps over and over for all the vox files.

Any thoughts on how we can import multiple vox files at the same time would be greatly appreciated.


Try [u]TAudioConverter[/u].

I don’t know if it will work with “VOX ADPCM” but I just tried it with a “random” ADPCM format and it worked.

Assuming it works… Once you’ve set up the desired output-format and location it’s just drag, drop, and click, and you can drag-in multiple files at once.

(It didn’t happen on this computer but sometimes I get an error message when I start TAudioConverter, but I just click OK and it starts-up and works. And, sometimes I get the error 2 or 3 times in a row, maybe related to the number of processors cores, but once I get past that it’s always worked for me.)