How to import file downloaded from radio

Downloaded a file of a radio interview and saved it to Photos and Toolbar, but can’t find it when searching from Audacity. Any suggestions?

What’s the format of the file? (WAV, MP3?, Etc?)

Can you play the file in Windows Media Player, or whatever audio player you normally use?

but can’t find it

You don’t even see it with File → Open?

If you don’t see it, at the bottom of that File->Open window it says “Files of type”. If you select that you should see everything in the folder including any test or excel files, etc. Of course that doesn’t mean Audacity can open it but everything should show-up.

Did you actually download a file (with your browser) or did you record it while it was playing (with Audacity).

Hi Doug,

Thank you for responding.

I downloaded the file from the link provided - I can play it, pause or stop it - but in Audacity I can’t get it to show up. It’s in my downloads, and in Photos and on my toolbar.


What’s the format?

I assumed it would be MP3 or WAV, but the only indication is that it is html. Does that make any sense?

It could just be a link to the web page.

What’s the file size and playing time?