How to import .3gpp to audacity?

On Linux Mint 17, I was able to import .3gpp audio files to audacity.

I installed audacity on Windows 10 but I receive this error when I import the.3gpp audio files:

Audacity didn’t recognize the type of the file. If it is uncompressed, try importing using “Import Raw”.

I thought that installing FFmeg on windows would help but it didn’t work.

I deal with this type a lot and I don’t want to waste time converting them to mp3 or any other format. I’d appreciate it if you gave me the solution. Thanks,

Did you install “FFmpeg for Audacity” or some other version? If some other version, then Audacity will probably not be able to use it. Audacity requires this specific version: Installing and updating Audacity on Windows - Audacity Manual

That is the version for Audacity 2.3.0. If your version of Audacity is older, then you will need to update Audacity: Audacity ® | Download for Windows

I didn’t know that there’s a special FFmpeg for audacity. Thank you so much for the reply. It works fine now.