how to hear audio recording from cassete player to pc

i am using windows 7 home edt.64 bit. my pc is emachines 2 years old. audacity 2.0.3 i am trying to transfer individual songs from the casset player to the pc. and i need to hear the recording so i can stop it at the right time. i dont want all of the songs on the tape .can you tell me how to do this i have about 50 or so tapes i have to take three or more songs off of. so i would like to hear the songs as they transfering from the tape player to the pc. thank you for any help.p.s. the tape player is a technics dual head player recorder.

It depends a great deal on how you connected your tape machine to your computer, but if you did use the Stereo Line-In of your soundcard (blue) …

…then it should be possible to set Audacity to play the live recording back to you.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording: [X] Playthrough (select)