how to have a continuous volumelevel

I export a WAV from a video editing software into audicity. This track has many different volume levels because it consists of audio of many different sources. Is there in audicity a way to get the volume level of the whole track app the same. I mean, so that the average sample or energy plot have the same height.

Probably the best way is to do it manually with the Envelope tool

A quicker method is to “compress” the “dynamics” so that difference between the loud and quiet bits is less. There is a compressor effect in the Audacity effects menu, but much better for this is a compressor plug-in by Chris Capel: (try setting the compression amount in this effect to around 0.7)

Many thanks fo ryour recommendations. If I apply the Compressor Dymanics Plug in, that you suggested, Audicity has to shut down because of an encountered error. What coul dcause this?

An old version of Audacity could cause this. Are you using Audacity 1.3.11? I would recommend this version.

just did a cd like that

selected each different section of each track separately
then normalized the selections
so they all peaked at 0 on the highest sound

that got them close enough for me
(some parts should sound a little lower because of the material)

if you need them even closer then you could add some compression first and use the make up gain to make them peak at 0 db
AND keep the average level the same

look at the waveforms and see what range each one is in and compute how much compression you need to make each the same
(i had to do that on voice as the artist was too far from the mike but did not compress the music parts)