How to go to a certain label (or position)

I have labeled a track and exported the labels to a text file.

Now I like to find out how to get to a certain position like 2546,519002?

I figured out that there is an editor for the labels which shows a listing of all labels with start and end time, but I didn’t find an intuitive way of moving to a ceratin label (actually I didn’t find any way so far).

When I hit the start or end time of a label, that time is copied to the position indicator at the bottom of audacity, but that doesn’t bring the position into view.

How would I go about that?

Using Windows 7 and Audacity 2.1.0 installed from exe.

Selecting labels in Labels Editor does not bring a label into view but you could zoom out before opening the Labels Editor.

When the Labels Editor is closed, you can use UP arrow or DOWN arrow to move the yellow focus border in the label track (or just click in the label track) then you can use TAB to move forwards through the labels or SHIFT + TAB to move backwards through the labels.