How to give a female hollow voice more body and bass?

Hi Everyone
I am NEW to Audacity. Learning.
How do I give a female, hollow, voice more body and bass?

I removed all Hums and Hisses. Seams to work perfectly.
But leaves the voice very Hollow with no Bass.

If you’re not careful that can make the voice sound like they’re talking down a tube. Err on less rather than more notches to reduce hum, e.g. just remove the worst offenders, rather than “all” of the hum harmonics.

Adobe Enhance may be worth a try, (rather than de-hiss de-hum yourself).

How did you make the recording? While it may be possible to “clean up” the performance, you’ll have to do that to every instance of every performance forever.

Much better to make a clean recording. I did pretty well with an iPhone on a piece of wood in a garage.

Or isn’t this your recording?


Power line hum and vocal bass notes tend to occupy the same tones.

Cleaning up bad background sounds is hard to do without affecting the performance.

While you’re doing that, be sure to save the original performance as a perfect quality WAV file somewhere safe. There’s just nothing like Audacity going into the mud and taking your only copy of the performance with it.


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