How to get Vintage Sound on my Voice like...

… in this:

What should I do precisely to approach the rendering of this voice?

Thanks so much for your help (I’m just beginning with Audacity and sound)

We would probably have no trouble with the AM Radio tonal restriction and the very slightly fuzzy sound of old Ampex audio tape, but the deep, rich voice tones and perfect theatrical presentation is beyond us. The first is his throat construction and the second is acting.

That voice and acting thing is a big deal. You could hear that voice on a radio in the store and know exactly who it was.

You would think Effect > Change Pitch should get close, but that changes everything making you sound like a record slowing down.

Sibilance, character and mouth noises don’t change with the voice tones. Make me sound like an announcer is a popular forum request.

If you can do the acting, there are software packages which do a much better job of pitch shifting than Audacity does.

The acting isn’t that easy, either. There was an art supervisor at work who could fill a room by announcing a vacation slide show. I saw him do it several times. He was terrific to listen to and it almost didn’t matter what the slides were.

“Bill is going to read the phone book in the main conference room!!”



This program must require a really good headset, because I tried using mine and it sounds terrible even after spending a couple hours tinkering with the settings.