How to get tracks to play through microphone headphone input

Hello all! Thank you for such a wonderful forum. I am running windows 7 64 bit Audcaity 2.02.

My question is how to I get prerecorded tracks to play back through my microphone headphone input?

I have a Blue Yeti mic and it has a headphone input, it is great because I can hear my own voice when singing but I can’t hear the tracks I am singing over. How to I get the tracks I am playing back and singing over to play through my headphones through the mic input? I have the mic connected through a USB cable to my PC laptop.

Thank you!

That’s a cousin to this microphone.

This mic has switching to let you control the sound both directions into your headphones. This is one of the tested and certified hardware solutions that allow you to do Perfect Overdubbing.

In this instance, you have to tell the computer to play sound to your “USB Sound Device” (Blue Yetti) instead of the normal headphone or speaker output. You also have to tell Audacity what you want.

Edit > Preferences > Recording > [X] Overdub (select).

You also have to make sure you plug in the microphone or any other USB Device and then start Audacity.