How to get the Lego song voice

Hello Everyone!

I successfully made my voice sound like Morgan Freeman, Goliath, and …but now I’m looking to do a dub over of the Lego movie. Could anyone help me by letting me know what they would change the audio settings to? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve messed around with the echo, pitch, and Reverb but its not coming out quite right so I’m turning the geniuses ::this could be you::

Thanks again, any and all suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

(Me= high pitchy, girl voice)

Which characters would you like? As far as I know, Emmet was Chris Pratt’s real voice and Wyldstyle’s voice was really Elizabeth Banks. They were straight acting. No voice effects.

How did you get a high pitchy, girl voice into Morgan Freeman? We get asked that all the time.

Please do the pink band at the top of the message thread ^.