How to get the full audio file on the screen when is opened

I use Audacity 2.2.0 into Ubuntu Studio 16.04 LTS (64 bit) OS installation.

Is there a way to get Audacity open any audio file and immediately shows the full audio wave file size on the screen?

For now I just get a little starting part of the audio file shown on the screen when it is opened, and I have to change it with the bar menu options (which I think it is unnecessary and a little bit annoyed).

Juan, from Chile

“File menu > Import > Audio”
or, drag and drop the file into an open Audacity window.

And it’s Control-F if you get that far. One keystroke.


Thanks a lot!!!

But… Why it isn’t the same behaviour when we right click on the file and we choose “Open with Audacity”???

Now I know it’s better to open Audacity first and then to import the audio file.

BTW: I tried to use the copy and paste way and… It didn’t work (nothing happened). Maybe I didn’t understand it well.

JUAN from Chile.

That could be two questions:

  1. Why do we choose “Open” (rather than “Import”) when we want to import a file?
  2. Why, when we do so, does the view not zoom to fit the file?

The answer to (2) is because it’s a bug. It has been fixed for the next release.