How to get the dirty old sound?

Hi there!
I spent much time trying to get that sound by myself, using some distortion tools and EQing, but i couldn’t get that sound i can play in my head… hehe
so what sound i’m talking about - here are some examples
maybe this
and so on…
well… it’s not only about processing the drums, but about processing the whole track and other sounds too, in other case that won’t sound well.
but first of all it’s about drums hehe
and i’m not talking only bout the exactly sound in the tracks i posted here… it differs, sometimes you want to make more dirty and gritty track, another time you will do something softer… but i hope you will get the main idea :slight_smile:
and i put here drums, processed by Damu the fudgemunk… i found it somewhere, that is a good example too

Anything we do is going to depend on you having all the instruments on their own tracks. If you apply dirt to the drum tracks it may destroy the vocals if this is a mixed show on one track.

Try applying Effect > Leveler to the drums. Try it at maximum and see if you’re any closer.


sure, atm i work with drum loops, every instrument is on its own track.

i’ll try it now! thanks

this is a good example too - SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

hmmmph, it didn’t go very well with the leveller :cry:
maybe i tried it on too processed drums, i’ll try tomorrow on some another loop :0

Which is your audio sample?
I can see where you are trying to get to, but what is your starting point?

well, i’m trying different samples, most of them are vinyl samples, sometimes i’m trying to work with some oldschool breakbeat drums…
have one thing to tell you… i have one hi-hat sample, from vinyl, with a huge “vinyl noise” after hit… so on track these hi-hats make that noise permanently and it really gives a sound some nice athmosphere…
and when i tried to cut this noise and mix it with another hats it work well too, but i think i should work more with EQ, because even if drums sound well, i can’t get exactly what i want, and it’s kinda hard for me to explain, but i hope you understand what i mean

Could add some “vinyl surface noise” samples …

e.g. … Freesound - plak.aiff by alpert

Bespoke vinyl and/or turntable noise is possible using this free plug-in from [windows & Mac only]

yeah , i sure tried this stuff… so what about getting that drum sounding?
this is the best example
if i would lo-fi sound in such style, i could get what i need…
is that so hard guys?

See: old school drum loops - Google Search

You’re not being very specific about the “dirty old sound” effect you’re looking for. If you want an old vinyl sound then the main elements are : crackle (aka surface noise), turntable rumble, warp, mains hum, and hiss.
The isotope plugin I mentioned above does all of those except hiss, you can add hiss (aka white noise) via Audacity’s “Generate” menu.

well, today i spent a lot of time trying to get the sound i need.
so what can i say.
it’s not that superhard, but i have just experiment with different bitcrushers, lo-fi tools, adding hiss to the track, etc… but
the main part here is taken by EQ… yeah, i tried to reach some sound i needed, was close, but didn’t get exactly what i needed… and how to learn this i don’t know :frowning:
if someone here who knows about clever EQing could tell me how should use EQ to get the sound from some of audios i posted (the very best examples are this - and this - ) that would be really really nice
i don’t know how to desribe this sound, but i’ll try.
like punchy-crunchy high snares, almost the same thing with the hi-hats, and low bassey kicks… something like that?
but i’m glad that i moved from that zero point…
thanks to all who tried to help :slight_smile:

The effect you may be looking for is pseudostereo , the track “Dgyrick - HIP-HOP Boom” is (dual)mono : the Left and Right tracks are perfectly identical. Hiss and crackle is more prominent when in (pseudo)stereo , (boosting the frequencies above 2KHz helps emphasize the hiss & crackle too) …

There are plugins which perform pseudostereo, but you can do it manually.

  1. create a duplicate of your dual mono track (select the dual mono track then press “ctrl” + “D” keys ).
  2. split the duplicate into two tracks and add 10ms* of silence to the start of one.
  3. recombine the two duplicate mono tracks into a “stereo” track.
  4. Play this mix of tracks and vary the gain of each track to taste, (e.g. dual mono -8dB*, duplicate -4dB*),
    you can adjust the effect (via gain controls) while the tracks are playing (which you can’t do with plugin effects in Audacity).

[ * just suggestions ]

I recently got a Wasaphone lo-fi mic off eBay. They’re pretty cheap and great for getting a gritty lo-fi sound live and in the studio.